Back to basics

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There are times when the kiss method needs to be observed more often. Point in question wasted day looking for an issue on a brand name system using there diagnostic software. Suspected it was a hard drive but the system diagnostic application was saying all ok. I remembered that the drive manufacture made a tool to test drives as the system has 4 of them and it found the bad disk within minutes. Lesson learned should have went old school as soon as there tools would not confirm any issue even though there was certainly an issue with the machine.

Norton Ghost setting Image file size

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Being able to set the image file size it needed if your media is a set size eg. a CD or DVD

usage for a cd for instance would be GHOST.EXE -SPLIT=600 -AUTO

If you split the image file as you create it, use the -SPLIT switch it will limit the size of each segment to 600 megabytes. When the image is completed (when all the image files have been saved for that one image), you will be prompted to enter the first disk again.